The Adventure.

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One of my dream destination in life is to go back to the place where I grew up. But before it will happen, first, I need to book a ticket between Mondays to Friday after that I will prepare the things that is need for me throughout the day that I will stay there. Second contact my family, will despite the arguments or misunderstanding that we have I still love them. Third, during the travel, instead of sleeping, enjoy the view that you could see from above. And lastly thank God for that chance of visiting that place.

Lesson that I’ve learned:

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Promise, I’ts NOUN time!


A NOUN used to refer to a person, place, thing, quality, or action.

For Ex:

  • There are a lot of things that I want to buy like, clothes for my daughter, fruits and food. But I’d rather save my money for the future of my family.
  • I’m so tired I will wash my dirty clothes tomorrow. But I need to go out with Natalie tomorrow, so better do it today.
  • WOW there’s 50% off in bags, I can save in this.

Lesson that I’ve learned:

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What I love about Cebu city

Miraculous Mother Mary at the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist

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One of the place that I love in Cebu City is the churches like; Simala Parish Church in Sibonga, Central Visayas. This is one of the lovely place that I went to! It feels like heaven when your inside and it’s one of the most visited church in the Philippines.

The sculpture of Miraculous Mother Mary at the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist is located at Marian Hills, Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga, Cebu, Philippines. The holy place is commonly known by locals as “Birhen Sa Simala Church”, filled with miraculous testimonials from devotees, believers and visitors who witnessed the event during the shedding of blood tears of Mother Mary’s image. People from all walks of life within locals, other regions, and or from abroad, if you wish to have a tour/vacation in Cebu province — this must include on your list for places to visit in Cebu in the divine sanctuary of Mother Mary. There are living testimonials of the people whose prayers have been granted and answered. The appearance of the living proof having been displayed in the galleries in an ‘aparador’/glass closet – filled with tributes, letters/notes of achievements, granted prayers (about: employment, cured sick, working abroad and or board passers) from people whom have received the divine grace of Holy Mary. There are also different crutches and walkers (with letters), badges (with letters) existed and many more.

Text are taken from this website: http://www.whereiscebu.com

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3 Places I want to Visit

        The place that I want to visit is my hometown Molave. For me it’s the most beautiful place to live and have vacation with. Many beautiful spots, waterfalls and many more.

       The Second place that I want to visit is my Home in Susayan, the place where I born and where I spent my childhood years.

       The next place that I want to visit is the School where I studied in elementary. It’s a beautiful place and its more relaxing.

Molave Zamboanga del sur