Time to Explore the Wonders of Mind


There is a great deal of difference between an eager man who wants to read a book and the tired man who wants a book to read. –Gilbert K. Chesterton

 Remember that, It is so amazing and refreshing specially when your already in the part of the most awaited event in the story. The feeling of excited and the imagination that I’m going to think of the story makes me want to read more and do it again and again, the pain or stressed that I feel is change into the hope and confidence to move forward.

“I will save more money for my business dream in life”


How to make doing the right thing addictive

My Flow Chart in Life

My Flow Chart in Life

I choose my ” I will” power challenge which is “I will save money”, because there are times that the money I earned is not enough for my budget, specially when I need to pay my mother for taking care of my baby, rent for my room and when my siblings ask financial help for their needs. And sometimes I can’t even buy some of my needs in the house. But I’m trying my best to save, even how small the amount is  and my budget is tight, I can still find a way to sit aside for my savings.

And when I can finally save money and of course I feel proud and happy that I can able to do it. And to give myself a reward for being able to save money, I usually read a books or watch movies, in that way I can express my thoughts, ideas, imagination and most specially I can learn a lot of things like; how to deal relationships with your love one’s, family, friends and work problems. For me this reward is a amazing not only for my own good but also for my family’s future.

And the most important thing that I’ve learned from this is, it become my habit to reward my self in reading books or watching movies when I’m able to do my I will challenge in life. And when the times that I can’t do my I will challenge I go back to my flow chart and follow the steps and do it again and again.

Lesson that I’ve learned:

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