Team Human: Retelling A Vampire Love Story …

I wanted to have this book!

The Book Wars

… with a twist, obviously.


Mel is horrified when Francis Duvarney, arrogant, gorgeous, and undead, starts at her high school. Mel’s best friend, Cathy, immediately falls for the vampire. Cathy is determined to be with him forever, even if having him turn her could inadvertently make her a zombie.

And Mel is equally determined to prove to her BFF that Francis is no good, braving the city’s vampire district and kissing a cute boy raised by vampires as she searches evidence in this touching and comic novel. – [X]

Ah, I remember it well. The year was 2014 and I had just begun losing hope in vampire stories … and then I discovered this book. (Well, audiobook for me, but I’m sure reading it would be fun too. Julia Whelan is an incredible narrator though. Her voice for Francis cracks me up every time I hear…

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